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    Skull Nectar - Orange
    Grapeful Dead - Grape
Bad Drips
    Dont Care Bear - Gummy Guts, peach, pear.
    Drooly - Gobstopper grape with berries
    Gods Nectar - Passion fruit, Orange, Mango, Guava.
Lemon Twist

    Iced Pink Punch Lemonaid (3mg Only)
    Tropical Pucker Punch
    Pink Punch Lemonaid
    Wild Watermelon Lemonaid


    Dragons Venom - Dragon fruit mixed berries
    Midnight Marauder- Mouth Watering Lemonade and Fresh Berries. 
    Shnozberries- Orange Sherbert Sprinkled with Nerds.
    The Great Bambino- Vanilla Custard, Maple and Brown Sugar, Kentucky Bourbon, Cinnamon Twist.

One Up/Emoji

    Orgasm Ice - Ice, Watermelon, Guava and other blends of Fruits.
    Churro IceCream- Cinnamon Churros, Vanilla Ice Cream
    Orgasm- Watermelon, Guava and other blends of Fruits.
    Strawberry Churro IceCream- Strawberry, Cinnamon Churros, Ice Cream

     Emoji Blue Raspberry 

HomeTown Hero

    Ambrosia- Berry Melon Citrus
    Angel Tears- Watermelon, Berry, Coconut
    Sun Drops- Passion Furit Sweet Tea
    Legend- Banana Rum
    Witch Doctor- Premium Sweet Tobacco

HomeTown Hero Lazer Wolf Line
    Turbo - Strawberry Margarita
    Neon - Frozen Peach Rings
    Ultra - Sticky Buns Ice cream 

    Jason Borne- Pineapple, Strawberry Slushie
    Harley Quinn- Raspberry Cookie
    Clare Underwood- Pink Candy Razzamatazz
    Cena- Waffle Cone, Banana Ice Cream
    Jackman- Coffee Cake, Strawberry Whipped Cream

Air Factory

Blue Razz

Vape Pink


    Cookie Butter - Warm Freshly baked oatmeal cookies topped with brown sugar dipped in ice cold milk.

Other Premium Juices


Sqeeze Limeaid - Limeaid
Coco by the pound - Chocolate pound cake
Out of the box coco pops - Coco puffs
Apple bombz - Apple
Cherri bombz - Cherry
Kiwi bombz - Kiwi

Newest additions 


    SilverBack Rocky - Banana Oatmeal
    Vapor lock - A blend of fruits and mixed berries
    Fluffer - Vanilla Marshmellow Milkshake